The Global Health Primer connects the capable innovators that drive research and development for new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics to the neglected diseases where innovation is desperately needed. It provides a source of compiled and synthesized information for 25 neglected diseases of the developing world and the drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics in use or in development for the management of these diseases. The Global Health Primer: 

  • Tracks and analyzes progress in global health research and development
  • Provides an evidence base to support decision making, policy change, and action
  • Brings new innovators to the table to address the most pressing medical needs of the poor
  • Contains educational information related to neglected diseases included for use by students, healthcare providers, public health workers, and others involved with or interested in neglected diseases


Pipelines and products are continuously updated throughout the year. To learn how you can get involved in neglected disease drug, vaccine or diagnostic research and development, or to provide updates, changes, or corrections to the Global Health Primer website, please view our FAQs.